(2006) Traditional Media More Trustworthy Than Emerging


When trying to decide what the future holds for a particular technology or method of communication I’ve always been interested in finding out what writers were saying about it years ago.  The further we go back, the better.

When digging up older articles about emerging media I found several articles from business and tech publications that seemed to discount its future importance.  In particular, this article from Ad Age highlights the trust issues with social forms of media (rightfully so, at the time).

More than half (52%) anticipate relying on traditional sources for news that significantly affects their lives, while 13% will rely mostly on emerging media, such as citizen journalists, blogs and podcasts. More than a third, however, anticipate relying on both forms of media for news. (Deliso, 2006)

Today, we see something totally different. People are using Twitter to track stocks and make investments, using Facebook to find out where traffic is bad, and checking blogs for ideas on where to market their products.  While credibility issues still remain with anonymous authors and posters, the ground that emerging media has covered since 2006 is amazing.  If this trend continues, there’s a high likelihood that people will continue to flood to these forms of media and make it the preferred form of information.


First blog post ever!

Yep, I’m behind the times but I’ve finally created my first blog.  Every time I thought about the idea of a blog I typically questioned whether or not I had enough interesting information to share with others but now, after a few years back in school and a new position at my company, I can say that I feel more comfortable laying information out.

The majority of posts in this blog will revolve around emerging media and how they can impact a businesses employees, clients, and prospects. Hopefully someone finds something interesting in all of this mess to come!