Twitter going public – will it affect users?

As of October 24, 2013 there were 231.7 million active users on Twitter worldwide, and that 100 million of them log into the service on daily basis, and 52.7 Million of these are in the US.   There are numerous stats on Twitter that boggle the mind (see infographic below).  (Ahmad, 2013)

But can Twitter, now that it is a public company, please both its users and its shareholders at the same time.  “As long as they stay in touch with the original intention — the purity of it — I think it will be great,” said Shannon Seek, a business coach who lives just outside of San Francisco.

The biggest change took place two weeks ago when Twitter started automatically showing photos in posts rather than requiring users to click on a link to see them. Left unsaid was that advertisers can now post photos too, which are as unavoidable as banner ads. Some users grumbled about the images being distracting. Those on mobile phones can change their settings to eliminate the images from their timelines, but people on desktop computers cannot do so.  (Kopytoff, 2013)

This is only the beginning for Twitter, who will undoubtedly have to find new ways to increase revenues or fear that they are losing investors.  Instead of tracking the number of posts or users who have signed up, Twitter will now be focused primarily on advertising revenue and whether it is enough to drive the stock up for their investors.  I think that we’ll have a great chance to see what the future holds for Twitter during their quarterly meetings, when they’ll outline how they intend to drive revenue.  I’d bet, considering the massive changes that we’ve already seen before the stock went public, that we’re in for a totally different Twitter.

Here are some stats on where Twitter came from and how many people are being affected by the new changes:


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