Social Media Advertising: A Beginners Overview

As with any other form of new cost or expense, companies are going to be hesitant to dip their toe into the social media advertising water without knowing some basic facts about what to expect cost-wise and, more importantly, ROI.  The truth is that while it may be new for some companies, the process has been made very effective by social media platforms. 

Social media advertising platforms have continued to develop various fan engagement features over the past few years and brands can now capitalize on promoted posts and cost-per-click (CPC) ads to expand their fan base and strengthen their social following in a variety of ways.  As this process gradually improves further, companies will begin to allocate more money for social media spend.  2013 has seen small and big B2B companies allocate a greater portion of their marketing budget towards social media. According to a survey by CMO, B2B companies allocate 8.4% of their overall marketing budget to social media. This is expected to increase to 11.5% by the end of the year and to 21.6% over the next five years. We guess this means that B2B marketers are finally convinced that social media is critical to stay ahead of the pack. (Leadformix)

Here’s an overview of how these platforms work:


Facebook Ads are a great way to drive traffic to your website or Facebook page and increase your following. Remember, when fans “like” your page, they are demonstrating their trust in your brand and voluntarily agreeing to regular exposure to your social content. For eCommerce sites, this is especially important because it allows your brand to tap into their social networks to track social conversions and calculate the ROI of Facebook fans, thus determining the exact monetary value of a Facebook “like.” (Atwell, 2013)


An example of a client’s increase in page “likes” from Facebook Ads and Sponsored Stories.


The Twitter Ads platform offers two options for brands to help increase their followers: promoted accounts and promoted tweets. Promoted accounts display your company’s Twitter account in the “Who to Follow” section for users who are most likely to be interested in your type of account. By choosing your daily ad spend and setting a maximum bid for promoted accounts, your account will only be charged for the new followers you actually gain. 

Advertising on Twitter allows your company to target consumers by industry, interests, gender, and even what keywords they type in for searches. Promoted Tweets can appear in user timelines and search results as well as Twitter for mobile, desktops, laptops and tablets (Twitter)

The benefits of having advertising on mobile apps are growing. Today, mobile is often the primary way people around the globe experience Twitter. Sixty percent of our 200 million active users log in via a mobile device at least once every month. (Twitter Advertising, 2013)





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