Social Media: Best Place to Look for a Job?


Are you looking for a new job?  If not, are you putting yourself in a position to be found by recruiters who might be looking for a new employee?  Whether you are actively searching for a new gig or not, your social media presence can be the difference in being stuck in your old job and moving up with another company.

The idea of using social media for job seeking isn’t limited to the United States, either. “More than half the respondents in India, or 56 per cent, said they were contacted through social media about employment opportunity in the prior (last) year, while 25 per cent of respondents said they secured a job through social media,” global workforce solutions firm Kelly Services says in its Workforce Index survey ‘Socialising Recruitment’. (Deccan Herald, 2013)

So which outlets should you use and what purposes do different platforms serve?  According to Tanya Pai of The Washingtonian, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook can all serve different purposes in aiding your job search.


This site, according to Pai, is best for “passive job seekers.” With more than 238 million members, LinkedIn has long been known as a good place to post your résumé and skills and to connect with professionals in your field. The website analyzes a variety of data, including user profiles and their searches, and offers recommendations for jobs they may be interested in while also suggesting their profiles to recruiters. LinkedIn may provide the biggest plus to so-called passive job seekers—people who aren’t actively searching for a new job but who may attract a recruiter’s attention.


This site is best for building your personal brand.  Though its messages are limited to 140 characters, Twitter can paint a fuller picture of a candidate’s personality and interests through past tweets and followers. An article posted by AOL Jobs told the story of an executive at the networking and security company Enterasys who wanted to hire a social-and-digital-marketing manager and considered only candidates who contacted him via Twitter.


Facebook uses the power of your friends and their connections and turns them into recruiters for you.  Appropriately, Facebook as a job-seeking tool is driven by personal relationships. A company survey of 3,000 users found that those who had lost their job and communicated through Facebook with close friends were more likely to find a new position within three months, perhaps because people are willing to pass along résumés for close friends. Others network via Facebook by researching potential contacts and connecting through mutual friends—like a personal reference minus the formality.




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